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UGC NET YOGA Solved MCQ– NTA UGC NET YOGA Junior Research Fellowship & Assistant Professor Eligibility exam held on 05 November 2020. UGC NET YOGA June 2020 Solved Paper

Note: This paper contains hundred (100) objective type questions of two (2) marks each. All questions are compulsory.

Set-2 (Question No. 26 to 50)

26. According to Hatha ratnavali, control of chittavriti is called:
A. Yoga                B. Mahayoga
C. Shuddha yoga D. Vishuddha yoga

27. According to Vashishtha Samhita, which yogic practice can free from a sin like foeticide?
A. Pranayama B. Pratyahara
C. Dhyana      D. Samadhi

28. According to Shiva Samhita, what is another name of Ida Nadi?
A. Varana       B. Chitra
C. Sushumna D. Brahma

29. According to Shiva Samhita, the Maya, full of Rajoguna is known as:
A. Durga    B. Saraswathi
C. Lakshmi D. Kali

30. Uninterrupted and interrupted methods are associated with:
A. Perception
B. Attention
C. Sensation
D. Learning

31. According to psychologists the second stage of memory is:
A. Accumulation
B. Retrieval
C. Coding
D. Sensitive

32. According to psychologists how many functions are particularly performed by consciousness?
A. Two B. Four
C. Six   D. Eight

33. Deoxygenated blood flows in which of the following artery?
A. Pulmonary Artery
B. Abdominal Aorta
C. Hepatic Artery
D. Renal Artery

34. Vermiform Appendix is an out growth of:
A. Teum                   B. Jejunum
C. Ascending colon D. Caecum

35. The disease occurs due to deficiency of riboflavin is:
A. Megaloblastic anaemia
B. Angular stomatitis
C. Pellagra
D. Pernicious anaemia

36. Unsurpassed happiness is achieved by:
A. Asteya B. Tapas
C. Santosha D. Swadhyaya

37. The Beeja Mantra of manipura chakra is:
A. Yam B. Ram
C. Lam D. Vam

38. Which of the following is not the sign of a physically healthy individual?
A. Good appetite
B. Regular activity of bowels
C. Discordant bodily movement
D. Sound sleep

39. According to Gheranda Samhita, sthirata can be acquired by:
A. Mudra B. Pratyahara
C. Pranayama D. Asana

40. Which of the following is not included, under Antaraya?
A. Angamejayatva
B. Anavasthitatva
C. Avirati
D. Alasya

41. Food predominant in guru guna is beneficial for persons of which prakriti?
A. Tridoshaja prakriti
B. Both vataja and kaphaja prakriti
C. Both vataja and pittaja prakriti
D. Both pittaja and kaphaja prakriti

42. According to Gheranda Samhita “Shambhavijayate dhruvam” is the benefit of:
A. Dhauti   B. Neti
C. Trataka D. Kapalbhati

43. According to Gheranda Samhita “Khecharisiddhimapnuyat” is the benefit of:
A. Dhauti   B. Neti
C. Trataka  D. Kapalbhati

44. Anxiety and depression fall within the category of:
A. somatic disorder
B. psychological disorder
C. neurological disorder
D. psychoneurological disorder

45. Which of the following combination is a feature of purana?
A. sarga and pratisarga
B. prasna and anuvaka
C. mandala and adhyaya
D. Kanda and adhyaya

46. Practices of pranayam principally provides control over:
A. Autonomous nervous system
B. Central nervous system
C. Sympathetic nervous system
D. Parasympathetic nervous system

47. According to “Teaching methods of yogic practices” practice of which of the following asanas result in static pulls and tone in muscles?
A. Meditative asana
B. Relaxative asana
C. Stimulating asanas (samvardhana tamk)
D. Relaxative and meditative asana

48. According to the “Teaching methods of yogic practices” conventional patterns of successful teaching are of:
A. two types  B. four types
C. five types  D. seven types

49. According to “Teaching methods of yogic practices” how many factors are involved in teaching methods?
A. five     B. six
C. seven  D. eight

50. Which asana to be performed during the practice of shakticalane mudra?
a. Padmasana
B. Bhadrasana
C. Simhasana
D. Siddhasana

Answer- 26- (B), 27- (A), 28- (A), 29- (B), 30- (D), 31- (A), 32- (A), 33- (A), 34- (D), 35- (B), 36- (C), 37- (B), 38- (C), 39- (A), 40- (A), 41- (C), 42- (C), 43- (B), 44- (B), 45- (A), 46- (A), 47- (C), 48- (A), 49- (B), 50- (D)

To be continuous……

UGC NET YOGA June 2020 (Question No. 1 to 25)

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